Wema is-

a simple word with an extraordinary story. It comes from the Swahili, the ancestral language of East African nations and the only language with direct links to the early roots of humanity. Wema conveys goodness and virtue: those who live with wema are noble and dedicated to offering goodness every day, both to others and to themselves.

Wema believes-

that goodness should be part of all we do. And since more than 80% of our wellbeing is affected by what we eat, we want to make sure that we offer your body clean, pure goodness and nothing less.


Wema cares —

and prepares awesome food with respect and attention to the holistic effects of nutrition. We choose to work with ethical and mostly organic producers, and we have prepared a thoroughly-researched menu of rich, nourishing dishes that will make wema part of your daily routine. Our mission is to assist you in taking care of yourself, love yourself and give yourself the kind of food that is required in order to have maximum physical functionality throughout your everyday life.

Wema inspires —

a way of life that saves you time and makes you healthier with every bite. They say that we are what we repeatedly do-so maybe it’s time to make goodness a habit. Order your delicious, wellness-con-scious meal today, and boost your wema wherever you are.

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