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Baby spinach meets goat cheese



Baby spinach salad with goat’s cheese, beetroot and almonds roasted with bio tamari & balsamic sauce


Allergens G,A,C,D

Black & white & green



Beluga lentils salad with poached egg and homemade mustard sauce!

Allergens E,F

Ceasar’s salad



Caesar’s salad with grilled bio chicken breast


Allergens C

Kale falafel salad



Kale salad with roasted falafel chickpeas and lemon sauce!


Allergens A

Tempeh salad



Salad with chickpea tempeh bio beluga lentils sprouts & bio mung beans sprouts with homemade tahini mayo sauce.


Allergens A,D

Yin yang cabbage mix



Cabbage-carrot salad with quinoa and millet and bio tamari ginger sauce!


Allergens A,C,D

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