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Baby spinach meets goat cheese



Baby spinach salad with goat’s cheese, beetroot and almonds roasted with bio tamari & balsamic sauce


Allergens G,A,C,D

Nutritional Values

elements In one serving
Energy (kcal): 399.10
Protein g : 17.36
Fat g/ portion weight: 25.63
Carbohydrates g/ portion weight: 28.43
Edible (plant) Fibers g: 6.15
Sugars g:  19.68
Calcium mg:  273.41
Iron (Fe) mg: 5.83
Magnesium (Mg) mg: 164.62
Salt (g): 0
Sodium (Να)mg: 424.25
Phyllic acid μg: 302.02
Vitamin B12 μg: 0.095
Saturated g: 8.91


baby spinach
goat’s cheese
black sesame
white sesame
olive oil
bio tamari

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